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NANP Approved Certifications – Tuition Breakdown

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Tuition Investment Tax Deductible?

With the overwhelming amount of changes to the current tax code we strongly recommend that you consult with your accountant to ensure that you can take advantage of every tax opportunity remaining.

Loan Interest Deductions – Qualify to deduct any Annual Loan Interest.

American Opportunity Credit – Students can qualify for up to $2500 annually.

Lifetime Leaning Credit – Qualify for up to $2000 annually.

IRA Withdrawal Exceptions – Withdraw from your IRA without penalty.

Work Related Deductions – Definitely worth the read.


I’ve Seen Other Holistic Nutrition Certifications That Cost Up To $60,000. Why Is EHI’s Tuition So Low?

Excellent Question! We believe many other certification programs are significantly overpriced and provide you far less in terms of support, interaction, and quality of information. We proudly ask you to compare our school and all you get with any other school out there. At EHI, we do a great job of keeping tuition costs low thanks to our 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status, Our Wonderful Sponsors, and our efficiency in how we manage our operations. We believe students should have a special educational experience without an excessive price tag. We believe Graduates should be able to recoup their educational investment within 1 year while also providing for their family. We believe that we are a medical school level education without the medical school price and we prove that this philosophy works with each and every student who graduates from EHI as an exceptional healer ready to make tomorrow AMAZING! 🙂


How Can I Pay My Tuition?

We accept all 4 Major Credits Cards, Cashiers Checks, Health Saving Account or you can apply for an Alternative Student Loan through our 3rd Party Lender who guarantee’s approval on all applications regardless of credit score.


Are All Alternative Student Loan Applications Guaranteed Approved?

YES! Our 3rd Party Lender, UGA Finance, guarantees approval on all student loan applications and also offers 6 months same as cash. If you can pay off your entire financed tuition amount within 6 months then any interest that has accrued gets immediately waived without penalty. And if you or a co-signer have excellent credit you can get started for as little as $0 down!


Are There Any Additional Tuition Savings Credits?

YES! If you are a single parent or active member of a Hawaiian or Native American tribal nation or have served in the armed forces, healthcare, fire department, law enforcement, as a teacher or if you are a husband, wife, son or daughter of someone who fits in any of these categories, then there is an additional $200 Tuition Savings Credit.


How do I become eligible to get NANP Board Certified?

Becoming eligible to get Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP requires that students complete our Holistic Nutrition Certification. After completing all of the coursework there are additional steps to getting Board Certified by the NANP including passing their national exam and submitting credit hours for working with clients. Learn more about the opportunity here – Getting Board Certified. And after you complete a Scholarship Application below ask one of our helpful Welcome Specialists more about the process.


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