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Have a question? Check out our FAQs below! If your question isn’t answered here, Complete our Scholarship Application and we’ll schedule a time for you to talk with a Welcome Specialist or give us a call at 503.908.2768. We LOVE to chat!

Yes and let us tell you why that is a great advantage! While many schools use the online format to take a more hands off approach to education…we use it to bring our community closer. With more 1 on 1 interaction from qualified expert teachers than any other program, you’ll come to love learning not from a computer, but through a computer from real people.

We do not currently offer any of our courses within the Holistic Nutrition Certification individually. However, we do offer a smaller program called our Holistic Lifestyle Certification which incorporates over 24 lessons in Holistic Nutrition as well as how to prepare delicious raw and vegan meal and how to develop a meditation practice focusing on happiness. Students who enroll in this certification are eligible to upgrade their course work to the full Holistic Nutrition Certification at any time by simply paying the difference in tuition.

For our Holistic Nutrition Certification, we have an optional Apprenticeship Field Study program where students can have the opportunity to shadow Dr. H during his practice or a local Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Nutritionist, or someone similar. More details are available when you talk with a Welcome Specialist after completing this Scholarship Application.

Thankfully no, not at the Energetic Health Institute. Enjoy complete schedule freedom and work at your pace, around your schedule. Our classrooms are monitored daily for activity so expect no more than 48 hours before your homework submissions receive a response from an EHI faculty member…and in most cases (99% of the time) you’ll receive direct feedback within 24 hours. How many other online programs offer this much interaction with your teacher? Honestly?

For most Lessons you can expect to spend approximately 2 to 6 hours reviewing the Power Point video presentation, assigned readings, and handouts. Then you can expect to spend another 2 hours composing your responses to the PDQs and finally an additional 2 hours preparing for and then completing your quiz. That’s only 5 to 10 hours per lesson and you’re well on your way to becoming Board Certified. The average time per lesson from start to finish is 8 hours. At EHI, we say give us 24 hours a month and we’ll help you make your tomorrow amazing!

Each of the 4 Specialist Focuses (Holistic Lifestyle, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Practitioner & Business) are comprised of 70+ NANP Board Certified Lessons in Holistic Nutrition, Lab Interpretations, Success in Practice Pro, & Success in Business Pro. Lessons are distributed between 9 NANP Approved Holistic Nutrition Classes and we’ve added a NANP Board Exam Prep Course at no additional charge. It’s all designed to be completed within 18 months, but students are encouraged to work at their unique pace. Each student will have access to our online classroom for up to 24 months, but can work to complete the program in a little over a year so long as the quality of their work meets or exceeds our standards for excellence in education here at the Energetic Health Institute.

During a typical lesson you will have access to Dr. H’s engaging audio narrated PowerPoint video presentations, supplemental videos, and compelling handouts. Once you have completed these and your required readings you will then be ready to answer your Personal and Professional Development Questions followed by a short lesson quiz. Personal and Professional Development Questions (PDQs) give each student the opportunity to gain valuable experience, research and develop their thought process for Holistic Nutrition and Natural Medicine. Each PDQ is responded to by a EHI faculty member so we can make sure you have ample attention and guidance. All Quizzes & Exams are open note and internet resource to mimic a professional setting where you will be asked to look up information you may be unfamiliar with. Each Quiz/Exam is automated allowing for instantaneous grading so you can monitor your progress immediately.

"The team at EHI didn't just teach about food and eating well, they taught about what is means to be human. Nutrition is so much more than food, and EHI provides the full picture. Truly a beautiful, holistic program."
Amber Shidler

Because we want to get to know you, your goals, and your dreams. We want to tailor your education to you…to make sure we’re the right school for you at the right time. There’s no rush to get started, but if you’re really ready to go, we can expedite the enrollment process. Our goal with each student is to help them graduate healthier than before they begin. After all, we are teaching you how to heal.

The welcome call gives us an opportunity to meet you so we can understand your personal goals and you can understand our expectations. Once we have all of this in place, our team will tailor your educational experience to fit your unique needs. Make no mistake, we want you to join our community of healers, but we also want to make sure everything is right for you first. Your success and personal development is our #1 goal.

ABSOLUTELY! And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We want you to be successful as you grow with us. Yet another huge benefit of this program!

We’ve got your back! Each student has the opportunity for unlimited interaction with our teachers, including Dr. H, during their program, even after graduation. If you need additional help, we will gladly arrange for a student advising appointment over the phone to determine the best strategy for helping you excel within the program.

We’re in the business of saying ‘Yes’ because we love helping you make tomorrow amazing! Pay your tuition in full and receive a Scholarship award towards your education. Ask your Welcome Specialist about our Alternative Student Loan Program and whether or not your tuition is tax deductible.

Honestly, we don’t know. What we do know, is that if you give us a website and email address of a contact within the licensing organization in your country, we will contact them and make every effort to see that your board certification is recognized and fully transferable. We promise to do everything we can to help our students make a difference. Skype with us and let’s get it figured out.

For students enrolled in a multi-course certification, they are eligible to go on Slow Schedule (SS) or take a Leave of Absence (LoA) at any time and for any reason including personal or familial health or financial concerns. In order to go on SS or LoA, students must email or call Student Success and establish the start date and prospective end date of their term along with personalized provisions for how much work will be completed, if any. Students will have a maximum of 3 months for either SS or LoA for every 12 months of course access allotted by their selected program. For example, a student enrolled in a 24 month program will have a maximum of 6 months for either SS or LoA.

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EHI Certified Holistic Nutritionists dedicate more than 1200 hours to a functional, evidence-based, dynamic, hands-on education designed on the principles of neurosynaptic plasticity and organic, plant-based nutrition. You’ll learn principles of Eastern Energetics & Western Science including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Botanical medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, and Cellular Biochemistry.

EHI Certified Holistic Nutritionists have opportunities in all kinds of clinical settings, from working alongside oncologists in cancer clinics to operating their very own successful clinical practice anywhere in the world! Click Here to view your state’s laws for practicing Holistic Nutrition.

We encourage students to have a laptop PC (Windows 9 or greater) or Mac (OS X 10 or greater) and you will be able to access program materials on an iPad, iPhone, or Android Smart Phone. Minimum download speed for internet connection is 10 megabytes per second.

  • Note – If you are applying for an Alternative Student Loan and are approved at Tier 1, we can add up to $500 to your loan amount to help you get a new PC. 😊

Processor – Makes Your Computer Fast

  • Save some money and go with an AMD over an Intel. AMDs are typically better and save you about $200 to $400 on the final purchasing price if purchasing a Windows OS.
  • Anything over 2 GHz is good.

RAM (Memory) – Makes Your Computer Fast

  • 4 GB is good, 8GB is twice as fast, & 16GB is twice as fast as 8GB.
  • The more RAM the faster your computer works, but 4GB is perfectly fine for the type of work you’ll be required to do and will keep the cost of a new computer down.

SSD (Storage) – Determines How Much Data Can Be Saved

  • 256GB is generally the least amount of internal storage you’ll find. This is perfectly fine for the work you’ll be required to do and will keep the cost of a new computer down.
  • If you ever need more storage, you can use an external hard drive.

Wireless Card – Makes Your Web Browsing & Downloading Fast

  • 11b/g/n will allow you to take advantage of faster internet speeds and is ideal.
  • 11 a/c is outdated card, but still functions. It will create a choke point that can prevent you from taking full advantage of your internet speed if your internet speed is greater than 60 MBPS.

Internet Speed – Makes Your Web Browsing & Downloading Fast

  • 10 MBPS is the minimum. Upgrading to 20 MBPS or higher is totally worth it.
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Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
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