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April 14, 2024

I have been following Dr H’s recommendations for proper cell phone/electronic usage, earthing, grounding, and sleep system daily for approximately 30 days. These new habits are game changers. Stacking these good habits on top of living a healthy lifestyle (hello DETOX 101, 102, 103) has accelerated my healing journey. I lost taste and smell and developed tinnitus after a mild case of covid over 3 yeas ago. My studies at EHI have helped me make progress in regaining these senses. However, the grounding has been the missing link. This past month, my tinnitus is barely perceptible, I have had more “bursts” of smell and my sleep is restful and full of lucid dreams. Dr. H is amazing in his relentless pursuit of knowledge and teaching. EHI is a gift that keeps on giving. So is the grounding sleep system and earthing.

Victoria Cater
April 12, 2024

Life changing.

I have 4 children, my husband, and my father all utilizing this system. That is 7 people. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with our results.

Every day I CAN NOT WAIT to go to bed. I literally look forward to bed like I used to look forward to my birthday when I was little. That means for me, every day is like my birthday! I love it.

As for my husband, he is a VERY tough sell… Within a week of using the system he came to me and said “Jen, look, I slept last night for 9 hours, and I literally had 9 hours of vivid dreams!” He was out of his mind impressed. I have overhead my Dad telling pretty much anyone who will listen about his unbelievable dreams. So far 2 out of 4 of my kids have woken up and told me all about their dreams.

These systems are REAL DEAL.

I also think it is worth stating that I rarely write reviews. I am writing this review because I want the whole world to understand that these systems will change your life. That being said, I have also paired this system with the Holy Water System that Dr. H. recommends; these two systems seem to work in a symbiotic way to generate deep healing. Every day I feel like I wake up closer and closer to the very best version of myself.

I have always been a lover of life but now… I am LOVING life!!!

Jennifer McAvoy
April 12, 2024

Every morning I felt a little better! My joints were less stiff, woke up feeling rested and more focused.

After 7 days I realized I had absolutely no pain, energized, totally focused. The best is less stressed throughout my day.

This coupled with protecting myself against EMF I have regained a piece of my youth!!!

Sam Adrienne Grote
April 11, 2024

Since receiving our sleep system, my husband and I both sleep much better every night! He reports better dreams and also a much less restless wife! I don’t wake up intermittently in the middle of the night like I used to and feel a lot more refreshed even on fewer hours of sleep. It’s great! I also don’t wake up needing to use the restroom like I used to, even if I have water or tea before bed. I know something’s happening because I can actually feel the tingling in my fingers when I’m in my bed.

I also love the grounding mat for my desk! I FEEL better. My laptop, 2nd monitor, keyboard, mouse and even resting cell phone on it. I found that something is definitely happening because my phone operates differently, and text messages don’t always go through. I GROUND my technology and also touch the mat with my hand whenever I can.

Lisa Meller

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