Stop Drinking The Lies

Make Your Own Homebrewed Holy Water


1. Your tap water’s dirty little secret needs a 3-stage cleanse to become truly safe.

2. Take charge of your water’s purity and upgrade it to cell-boosting holy water with Dr. H’s method.

3. Ditch the mineral water myths; embrace structured water for a true health transformation.

"Here we go! This is what Dr. Emoto and other amazing researchers have been shouting about. We've cracked it – this is water as God intended!


In an era where transparency is supposed to be king, it’s a shame to realize that our tap water is more of a court jester, screwing with our health with every sip. But here’s the straight talk: we’ve got the power to flip the script. With a 3-stage purification strategy, you’re not just stripping out the crap; you’re turning your water into an elixir of life.

Let’s get real, the stakes are sky-high – we’re not talking a bit of off-taste or a few floaties; we’re dealing with sneaky, microscopic freeloaders and a full-on chemical assault hiding in our pipes. But here’s the tough love – with a bit of know-how and the right gear, we can kick their butts and take back the purity of our water. It’s more than just a thirst-quencher; it’s the fuel for our cells. So, if you’re ready to stop getting played and start demanding what you deserve from your water, stick with me. We’re not just washing away the toxins; we’re obliterating them, one purification stage at a time.

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Check out these frozen images: the left one, that’s Dallas tap water, a chaotic tangle masquerading as crystals. This is what we’ve been gulping down under the guise of safety. It’s a lie, plain and simple. Our tap water is a chemical brew, teeming with contaminants that have no business in our bodies. We’ve been spoon-fed mistruths about water safety, but the reality is crystal clear in this frozen state—our ‘clean’ water is anything but.

Now, swing your eyes to the right and behold the transformation. That’s my Home Brewed Holy Water, frozen. Those symmetrical patterns are the signatures of purity and life force, a stark contrast to the tap’s chaotic mess. This isn’t just purification; it’s water reborn. This is what happens when water is treated with the respect it deserves, not just filtered but revitalized. I refuse to stand by as we’re misled about what we drink. With my Home Brewed Holy Water, I offer you not just a drink but a declaration of truth and health.

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Our guidance on this topic continues to evolve. In the U.S., Please go to to enter your zip code and see just how toxic your tap water is. It really isn’t even fit for dishwashing or bathing in, but those are less concerning issues than consuming it. Currently, we are recommending a 3-Stage Purification & Structuring Process for cleaning tap water and transforming it into cell signaling medicine for your body.

Optional Prep – Collect tap water in a glass jar. For grounding and sunlight exposure, place the jar on the ground outside in direct sunlight for 1 hour to 24 hours (or as long as you want). This step combines the benefits of grounding to destroy plasmids and neutralize quantum dots with the energizing power of sunlight. If outdoor conditions aren’t ideal, place it near a window inside. Glass jars can be left out for as long as you like, but a minimum of 1 to 24 hours is a good idea.

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Stage 1 Filtration – Gravity Filtration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, or Reverse Osmosis of tap water with or without optional prep with hydrogen peroxide and sunlight. The ideal micron size for the filter is 0.01 microns or smaller. This will ensure that plasmids are very unlikely to pass through the filter and remain in your water. We currently recommend Alexapure Pro Water Filtration Systems and Alexspure Pro Genuine Replacement Filters for Stage 1.

Stage 2 Distillation – Steam Distillation with secondary carbon filtration of the filtered water from Stage 1. H2Olabs offers reliable and very affordable home distillation units with additional carbon filtration.

Stage 3 Structuring – Use a Certified Structuring Device (and/or say a prayer of Gratitude) to bring energy and order to your Stage 2 water. Structured water will improve how your cells communicate with each other and within themselves. Yes, any water can be structured. However, water that is purified using the methods shared here ensures healing potential longevity by the structured water in addition to it being both poison and pollution-free. For these reasons perhaps it actually is holy, for one thing, it sure does taste like it!

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Alright, let’s bulldoze through the lies and get down to facts about our water and these mineral myths. The new craze is that we need our water loaded with minerals and that distilled water is some sort of mineral-sucking vampire draining us dry. Let’s call it what it is: complete crap. Our miraculous bodies are designed to extract minerals from the food we eat, not the water we drink. The true MVP here? Our soil. It should be bursting with nutrients, fortifying our plants and, in turn, nourishing us.

Now, let’s geek out for a second. Check out this chart to the right. Our body is constantly reabsorbing minerals, and one area this process happens in is the tubular reabsorption process. This process is so finely tuned that adding extra minerals into the mix via our water just doesn’t make sense. It’s like bringing sand to the beach. Our kidneys got this, meticulously balancing and reabsorbing minerals as needed, making the whole “we need minerals in our water” spiel completely pointless. (1)

So why the heck have we been fed this line about needing mineral-packed water? Same reason we’ve been sold the lie that the sun is bad for us … nope, it’s that sunscreen slathered with quantum dots and other junk that’s the villain. Just like we’re flipping the script on water purification, turning tap water into divine, homebrewed holy water, we’re also busting myths left and right, including this mineral water crap. (2)

It’s high time we treat our bodies and the earth with the respect they deserve. Focusing on enriching our soil, eating nutrient-dense foods, and hydrating with water purified through Dr. H’s sacred method. This isn’t just about sipping on holier-than-thou H2O; it’s a full-on rebellion against the lies we’ve been spoon-fed. And guess what? Your body will thank you, thriving on the essentials as nature intended – clean air, pure water, wholesome food, and a spirit nourished with truth.

Welcome to the revolution, my friends. Where we’re not just washing away the physical impurities but also the myths that have clouded our judgment. Ready to join the movement? Jump into everything the Energetic Health Institute has to offer, where real knowledge meets real life. Check out our holistic nutrition program, and let’s transform not just the water we drink but also the very lives we lead. Here’s to making tomorrow not just amazing but enlightened – with every sip of that homebrewed holy water, we’re not just quenching thirst, we’re sipping on the truth.

This chart details minerals in water samples against daily recommended and therapeutic intakes. Columns show mineral names, water sample levels, recommended daily amounts, and Energetic Health Institute’s therapeutic ranges. This clearly shows that water is not a significant mineral source. To meet our mineral requirements, our focus should squarely be on food—rich, nutrient-dense foods that draw minerals from healthy soil. This is where we should turn our attention to our mineral intake, not to the water we drink. (3)(4)

Original chart: USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Human Nutrition Research Center, Nutrient Data Laboratory, Beltsville, MD

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Listen up, because this is important: we’ve been spoon-fed a bunch of lies about our food, supplements, and even the water we drink. It’s infuriating, but at EHI, we’re flipping the script. We’re diving deep into the real essentials of life – air, water, food, and not to forget, our spiritual and mental well-being. This month, I’m urging you to take a hard look at what you’re putting into your body and mind. It’s time to shake things up, reevaluate the crap out of everything, and reorganize your life. We’re here to empower you with the energy to be a healthier, happier version of yourself. So let’s make tomorrow not just amazing but downright transformative!


Dr. Henry L. Ealy is the founder of the Energetic Health Institute. A Healer in the truest sense of the
word, and one that goes by many names. Professionally, he is known as Dr. Henele, an honor bestowed
upon him by a Kahuna Lapa’au on the island of Kaua’i in 2001. To his wonderful students, he is lovingly
referred to as Dr. H. And on Jan 5, 2022, through a crystal clear vision, he was anointed in the Eternity of
God as Walis which translates to ‘Friend of God’. No matter which name you prefer, who he is remains
the same…a devoted being of light, walking the straight way, and doing God’s work with his heart
always in the right place.

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