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OUR AMAZING APPROACH TO EDUCATION – Each lesson begins with a special video presentation that blends together functional western science with useful eastern energetics and connected by a deeper understanding of emotion. All video presentations are downloadable so you can have access to them as long as you like. It’s as close to being in class with Dr. Henele, Kirstin Carey, and Chef Dan as you can get…but from the comfort of wherever you decide to study…and always on your schedule.

NOT WHAT TO THINK…HOW TO THINK – We’re as new school as it gets, at EHI we’re proud to be the leaders in a new wave of online education. You can have it all…affordable education, exciting modern day topics, unlimited interaction, expert support, and the ability to learn a proven system of natural healing designed by a Naturopathic Doctor with 2 decades of classroom and clinical experience. At the Energetic Health Institute we teach you how to think for yourself. To become an amazing practitioner you will need to blend the healing arts with the holistic health sciences…and through our more than 17 Teaching Concepts show you to door to your future.

READING WORTH YOUR TIME – ‘The person who doesn’t read has no advantages over the person who can’t.’ At EHI, most lessons will include an interesting reading assignment from a variety of meticulously screened texts. There are a lot of great books out there and we help get you connected with a new one starting with Energetic Health Volume 1…our gift to each prospective student who attends a Welcome Call after filling out a Scholarship Application (see below).


BUILD A BETTER BRAIN – Now that you’ve participated in the video presentation and relevant teaching concept we want to foster your appreciation of your body through personal experience and at the same time build your confidence in what you’re learning. Each lesson will include 2 to 4 Development Questions that give you the opportunity to have a hands-on experience…even online, research the lesson topic in more depth, and let us know what you think about what you’ve learned.

CONNECTING THE DOTS – Once you’ve submitted your work the unlimited interaction is ready to take place thanks to us having teachers available 7 days each week. With literally hundreds of personalized opportunities for students to explore their passion, interaction with our expert faculty will help you connect the dots. After submitting your Development Questions, a member of our faculty will respond to each one through our secure learning environment fast! How Fast? We are currently responding to our students within 24 hours over 99% of the time and always within 48 hours. At EHI you’ll never be held back by teachers taking forever to give you constructive feedback…that’s old school…that’s not us.

OPEN RESOURCE TESTING – Our testing methodology mimics a professional environment. What would you expect a healthcare professional to do if they didn’t know something? How about look it up! Well, this is how you’ll take your quizzes at the end of each lesson and your certification exams at the end of each course…always open note, always open book, always open resource. If you don’t know something…take the pressure off and look it up. You’ve done the work…trust us…we know!

And after you’ve gone through this 6 to 8 hour process per lesson…just rinse and repeat it in the next lesson and watch yourself get faster and faster, sharper and sharper, healthier and healthier as you move from one lesson to the next. It’s a really cool process. How we teach you is definitely a big part of what make the Energetic Health Institute so amazing!

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