Would you like to confidently know how to take care of yourself and all the people you love?

Imagine getting a diagnosis and instead of feeling scared, knowing what to do. Wouldn’t that feel incredible?

Now imagine knowing exactly how to use food and nutrients as the powerful medicines they really are. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to become a respected Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist capable of giving someone a chance to heal…a chance they may never get without your help?

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Welcome Home. My name is Dr. H and I’m the Executive Community Director for the Energetic Health Institute. I’d like to share a quick story with you about why we do all the AMAZING we do here…a story that explains the depth of our commitment to helping you get everything you need to heal yourself and to become an exceptional healer along the way!

Imagine sitting with your mother the day before, as she gives you her final message to ‘Remember What’s Good,’ and then implores you to, ‘Help Them.’ I hope you can you feel why I’m sharing this with you because years ago this is what happened to me…

I sat with my mother as her voice strained imploring me to ‘Help Them’ so people didn’t have to go through the chemo and radiation that ravaged her body. That was my mom…hurting and still thinking about helping others. She was and is beautiful and I’m so lucky to be her son.

That very moment, I promised her I would help as many people as I could…so in a way you could say that was the day the Energetic Health Institute was born. The rest of my life would be dedicated to giving everyone the chance my mother never got. The chance to leave the old for-profit world of pills, chemo, radiation and wasting away in hospitals for a new world filled with foods, nutrients, breath, healing and hope.

(Story Continued Below…If You Believe Dreams Can Be A Guide, You’ll Want To Read On)

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Her last morning would be a picturesque Sunday morning with the Sun on the rise and the sky filled with lavenders that blend into the dark blues of the night before. But before that, the morning began in the hospital with my dad and I sleeping by my mother’s bedside. What came next was surreal and comforting that we are part of something greater all at the same time.

As I slept on the floor, a bright white flash flooded into my dream overtaking whatever I had been dreaming about and I heard my mother’s voice as clearly as if she was speaking to me. She said repeatedly, ‘Get me out of here. Get me out of here. Get me out of here.’

As I awoke to wipe my eyes, I saw my mom in her hospital bed motionless except for her left arm raised waving for me to come over. I stumbled to her side as she opened her eyes. The only thing my mother wanted was to take her last breath in her bed, in her home, surrounded by her family and my father and I promised to make this happen. I looked at my mom and asked her if she was ready to go home…and you know what she did?

She smiled caressing my cheek with her eyes as she shook her head to say ‘Yes.’

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My father and I carried her to my truck, filled with 26 miles of gas for a 33 mile ride. To this day I don’t know how we made it all the way home without running out of gas…a miracle without question. It was dark. It was cold. And we put her in the vehicle and drove like mad men as we called the family to meet us at home.

She even passed away once on the way home until my dad begged her to hang on…saying that we were almost home…and somehow she took another breath. Just a surreal story right? All these years later it still feels like a dream…but I hope you feel purity of intention for why I’m sharing it with you.

My mom took her last exhale in her bed…in her home…surrounded by family. As I held her wailing, she transitioned into the next lifetime and I can tell you this…If ever a person has been given a mission in dramatic fashion…I have. It is a beautiful mission. It is one I am proud to have been chosen to lead…

And still I wish I had known as much as I do today to be able to help her heal so we could have even one more day.

My truth is that I couldn’t help her…but I can help you learn a better way…a way filled with the energy of healing, wisdom, purpose, and true love.

This is why the Energetic Health Institute exists…so we can give you the opportunity to give people the chance to heal using Food and Nutrients as real medicine…even if one of those people is you. :)

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I’ve been lucky to be a part of some of the most beautiful healing experiences thanks to people who believed they could take control of their health and their future but just needed to be shown how to do it. Just like them, you can learn the way…embrace the opportunity…and earn a gift you’ll cherish for the rest of your life…Energetic Health.

Helping people heal never gets old, but sometimes I do forget that healing is not the norm. At the Energetic Health Institute, our mission is to empower you by shifting your focus from fighting disease…to restoring the production of energy and trusting that your body is designed to heal.

We know that focusing on energy production is what consistently works because we’ve seen it happen over and over and over again. Energy is Everything to a healing process.

How do we know? Because the lack of energy (aka feeling tired, fatigued, or exhausted) is a symptom of literally every disease process known. If you want to stop the pain and end suffering…then learning about energy production is absolutely essential. When you know how to increase energy production you know how to activate the true healing potential of your body.

At the Energetic Health Institute, you’ll learn how to produce massive amounts of energy you can really feel! Energy that will turn into undeniable health. Energy that will turn around disease processes. Energy that will turn into more happiness, excitement and hope every day.

With energy, your moods will improve…your sleep will improve…your digestion will improve…

…your sex life will improve. Yes…we’re going to talk about that benefit too LOL.

With energy, your health will take a gigantic leap forward. And you know what’s cool? Feeling your health improve…and then watching your life do the same!

You’re going to feel what life’s like when you’re at your very best and you’ll be surprised at how many people notice the difference!

This is the amazing tomorrow we’re here to help you discover.

Your future is calling out to you…for the betterment of yourself, your family, your friends, and perhaps your future clients too.

All it takes is Energy…and we’re thrilled to share some with you.

So welcome to our community of healers. Take a look around. See if what we’re doing engages your curiosity.

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We are the Energetic Health Institute…an innovative Non-Profit 501(c)3 Online School specializing in Holistic Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle education and approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) as a Board Certified certification program.