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VAX101:Vaccine Education Specialist Certification

Description & Highlights

Next VAX101 Starts Feb 12 and Early Bird Enrollment is NOW OPEN thru Jan 15. Use Promo Code: ICALLTHESHOTS. This course is designed for Moms, Dads, and Healthcare Professionals who want to have a confident & informed knowledge of whether or not vaccines are in their best interests to recommend, agree to, and/or administer. This course is also designed for parents of vaccine-injured children to impart information to help manage what, in many cases, can be life-long health challenges for their children. Participants will receive unlimited support, encouragement, personalized attention and Certified Holistic Nutrition information essential for understanding how to nutritionally stabilize a child’s nervous system, boost immunity naturally, and optimize their digestive & detoxification performance. All vaccine-related information we utilize is sourced from the FDA, CDC, WHO, VAERS, VICP, NVP, CBER, & Vaccine Manufacturers to ensure that the information being presented regarding Vaccine Side-Effects & Contraindications, Vaccine Ingredients & Media, Vaccine Surveillance Reports, Vaccine Success & Failure Reports, Vaccine Injury Reports, Federal Vaccine Law, Disease Incidence & Mortality Rates, and Vaccine Pricing & Profitability can be verified and trusted by our participants. We do not promote sensationalizing this polarizing topic…only facts to help parents and professional make the best possible decision for children. Our goal is to empower parents and professionals alike to help inform the public in accordance with the law understanding that education on this crucial topic has been severely lacking to this point. for more info.

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Included In
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75 Hours (6 Lessons)Only $297.00
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Every Friday 10am Pacific
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Feb 12, 2018
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Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1 – Vaccine Ingredients & Side-Effects, What's In VaccinesMom 2 Mom – The Best Place for Parents to Start Their Research

Lesson 2 – History of the CDC Vaccine Schedule, Why Vaccinating Babies Under 24 Months Is All Risk No Reward (Immunocompetency), The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), Mom 2 Mom – Setting Up Your Kitchen for Health Success

Lesson 3 – Understanding the Law Surrounding the National Vaccine Program, Mom 2 Mom – What Every Parent Should Know

Lesson 4 – Vaccine Manufacture, Testing, Approval & Surveillance, Mom 2 Mom – How to Hire (& Fire) Your Doctor

Lesson 5 – Holistic Nutrition for a Healthy Baby – Part 1, Nourishing Mitochondria for Energy Production and the Nervous System for Energetic Health, Avoiding The 7 Most Common Sources of Pollution, Mom 2 Mom – Talking with Your Spouse & Family about Vaccines

Lesson 6 – Holistic Nutrition for a Healthy Baby – Part 2, Nourishing Mitochondria for Energy Production and the Immune System for Energetic Health, Developing Treatment Protocols for Common Vaccine-Injuries, Why You Should Treat a Vaccination Like an Infection If You Decide To Vaccinate, Mom 2 Mom – Making Sure Your Personal Well Is Full, Building Your Support Networks in a Positive, Compassionate Way

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