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Why EHI? Gotta Be All The Perks :)

Unique Perks You Get Here At EHI

1 – GRADUATE HEALTHIER – Our mission is to graduate exceptional healers & there’s no better way to accomplish that than to give you opportunities for hands-on experience that help you get healthier & healthier with each new lesson.

2 – PERSONALIZED ATTENTION – At EHI teaching is our joy, so you’ll always get more 1 on 1 attention than in any other program in the world. When you enroll here, you’ll be treated to something most schools don’t offer…a teacher available to work specifically with you 7 Days a week!

EHI Perks & School Comparison

3 – AWESOMELY AFFORDABLE TUITION – Not only do you get more, but pay way less, at EHI every Alternative Student Loan is guaranteed approval. And if you can take advantage of our interest-free tuition options, then we’ll have even more scholarship money available for you. And here’s the best part, your tuition is likely 100% Tax Deductible meaning that your education is essentially no cost to you. Just check out our Tuition page for details. At EHI, you’ll get a medical school education in Holistic Nutrition…but without the medical school price.

4 – ENERGETICS – Energetics is the language of healing that unifies Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, & Herbalism with Western Sciences of Anatomy, Physiology, & Biochemistry. At EHI, you’ll always get the best of both worlds!

5 – FAST FEEDBACK – Each lesson in our Holistic Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Certifications is an opportunity for you to grow under the guidance of our skilled teachers. Our faculty will get back to you with meaningful feedback within 48 hours or less virtually 100% of the time. And this is a metric we measure each week to ensure the highest quality of student-teacher interactions.

6 – FOODS BECOME MOODS – We’re doing some innovative things with nutrition like proving how what you eat becomes not only your body…but also your thoughts & feelings. It’s really, really, really neat and hard to find anywhere else!

7 – MAKE A DIFFERENCE – One of the really sweet things about going to school here at EHI is you get to learn first hand how holistic choices have a healing effect on Climate Change. Yes, it’s possible to help yourself and heal our world at the same time!

8 – PUT THE ‘FUN’ IN FUNCTIONAL – Students learn best when they are taught to explore the joy in what they’re learning. With so many neat things to learn, we’ll never waste your time. If it’s functional, we’ll teach you how to use it in ways that are so much fun too.

9 – GET BOARD CERTIFIED – With an education from the Energetic Health Institute you give yourself the opportunity to get Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition through the NANP and immediately stand out from the crowd of natural healthcare professionals.

10 – UNIQUE CLASSES – Curious about Delayed Food Allergies? How about Supplements & Herbs? Or perhaps you’ve always been interested in learning how to make Vegan taste amazing? Want to know how to work with clients or set up a business? Heck, we even teach you how to use meditation as nutrition & without the traditional rigid approaches. (Happiness & Meditation)

11 – SPECIAL TOPICS UNIQUE TO EHI – In practice or at home you’ll definitely need to know how much of an herb or nutrient you need to take, aka it’s Therapeutic Range. You’ll also need to know how to interpret Delayed Food Allergy tests so you can know for certain which foods are really medicine for you and which aren’t. Little things like this make all the difference in the world for Holistic Nutritionists.

You’ll Always Get Treated Like You’re Special Because at EHI You Are!

Get up to $1,600 in Scholarships when you bundle each of our Specialist Certifications. After we receive your scholarship application, an EHI Welcome Specialist will schedule a Phone Appointment & Scholarship Review. Be sure to check your email, scholarships are ONLY available for students who attend this phone appointment. Let’s Make Tomorrow Amazing!

Trouble locating the Red ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’ Button? Just click this link: Hosted Scholarship Application.



Our Unique Teaching Style

12 – LEARN HOW TO THINK INSTEAD OF BEING TOLD WHAT TO – Dr. H has a gift for explaining complex concepts in ways that always makes sense. You’ll have a blast as he leads you on a stimulating journey into the human body and teaches you how to care for yours, but in a way that gives you complete confidence in your abilities.

13 – STUDY FROM THE COMFORT OF HOME – You’ll get classes delivered right into your home or anywhere you feel like learning that particular day. These are classes that have received rave reviews from thousands of students at EHI and prestigious institutions like Arizona State University.

14 – FIND OUT WHAT YOUR BRAIN CAN REALLY DO – Your brain is designed to learn beautifully based upon the principles of Neurosynaptic Plasticity, which means that our proven methods for education can help you unlock full potential as a student. We are one of the few schools that design all of our classes based upon these principles, so you can grasp concepts easier, recall them faster, and retain the information for decades to come.

15 – ENERGETIC HEALTH IS A SYSTEM – Energetic Health is so much more than a catchy phrase…it’s a living, breathing, ever-evolving system that helps you apply information quickly to get consistently outstanding results. Learn more about it here!

16 – HANDS ON LEARNING…EVEN ONLINE – There’s no substitute for experience and at EHI we’ve figured out a fun way for you to learn by doing, even online.

17 – INCREDIBLE VARIETY – Learn how to make vegan meals even the pickiest eater will love. (Delicious Raw & Vegan Meals) And be sure to check out all you get with our Practice & Business Classes. (Success in Practice Pro & Success in Business Pro)

18 – DOWNLOAD EVERY PRESENTATION – Some schools only give you access to what you’re learning while you’re in school. We think you should have everything you need to be successful before & after Graduation. So we’ve set it up for you to be able to download every presentation in our program for when your out there making tomorrow AMAZING!

19 – STUDY STRESS-FREE – You’ll never have to be online at a specific time or rearrange your schedule to go to school with us. When you enroll here you get to work at your pace. Each lesson will average 8 hours to complete. Each month you’ll need to complete a minimum of 3 lessons. So when you invest as little as 24 hours a month that’s all the time we need to help you get where you want to go.

20 – OPTIONAL FIELD-STUDY APPRENTICESHIPS – Get experience and credit hours towards your NANP Board Certification while you’re in school. We’ll help you find a great field-study near you that hopefully transforms into a job opportunity after your graduate.

21 – ONE & DONE – Thanks to everything you’ll learn here and our one of a kind NANP Board Exam Prep Course, that’s included with our Holistic Nutrition Certification, you’ll get all the preparation you need to successfully pass the NANP Board Exam the 1st time you take it.

Student Statistics You’ll Like

# of EHI GraduatesAs of 10.24.2017
# of Enrolled StudentsUpdated Monthly
% with 'B' or Better AverageUpdated Monthly
# of Student-Teacher InteractionsThis Month w Teacher Replies In 48 Hours or Less

Student Success

22 – NEVER ALONE – Going to school online can make you feel isolated and confused at times. At EHI we’re 100% online but you’ll never feel alone. In fact, from Day 1 you’ll get Dr. H’s personal cell phone number so you can always talk with him directly…how cool is that!

23 – STRESS-FREE ENROLLMENT – Going to school is a big decision and we want to make sure you get every question answered so you feel comfortable with us and confident in us. We’ll never pressure you…it’s just not our style. After you complete our Scholarship Application, we’ll reach out to you to schedule a great time to talk about our program and your needs.

24 – GET OFF TO A GREAT START – 100% online, but never alone. Every incoming student gets a 45 minute personalized computer tour of the classrooms so you get off to a great start. And we’ll follow up with you 1 week later to make sure everything’s working perfectly too!

25 – WE HELP YOU STAY ON TRACK – Each student receives a minimum of 6 Student Success appointments to review your grades and progress to make sure you’re on track to graduate as planned.

26 – SLOW SCHEDULES & LEAVES OF ABSENCE – Life happens and we get that. So each student is given up to 3 months leave of absence and up to 3 months of slow schedule if they need it so there’s always a cushion when the unexpected comes up.

27 – GRADUATION CEREMONIES – We host 3 online graduation ceremonies each year to make sure our exceptional graduates get the recognition they deserve.

28 – UNLIMITED ENCOURAGING SUPPORT – We believe that when you encourage someone you give them a chance to discover their best. And we also believe that when a student needs help, they should get it no questions asked. So every student at EHI has access to as many student advising appointments as they need in addition to all the built-in attention you’ll receive with teachers and the student success team!


And Even More Perks!

29 – SCHOLARSHIPS FOR EVERYONE! – Paying for your education can be a challenge, so we do all we can to help out. Thanks to our sponsors, grants, and donation drives we’re able to do a lot.

30 – GUARANTEED APPROVALS – If you need low monthly payments we have a wonderful 3rd Party Lender that has been helping our students make their dreams possible for years.

31 – EARN WHILE YOU LEARN – In addition to our business lessons we believe it’s important for students to start making money while you’re in school. Why? So we can use this as a learning opportunity to help show you what you could be doing better…and especially what you’re doing right.

32 – JOIN US AT THE NEXT NANP CONFERENCE – Each year we get together at the NANP Conference and have an absolute blast. In fact EHI throws the after-party. It’s a great time to meet friends that you’ve only known online.

33 – EHI SPECIAL EVENTS – Each month we put on Live webinars to share special topics and review case studies together. If you haven’t guessed by now…everything we do is with our students in mind.

34 – WORK WITH DR.H – You or a loved one have a serious health condition that you’d like to work with Dr. H on? We can make that happen. Dr.H regularly works with students and their friends & family to help them recover their health.

This is our commitment to each and every student and why so many students love the Energetic Health Institute.

©2016 Energetic Health Institute. All Rights Reserved. We Exist To Teach, To Heal & To Spread Love. Let's Make Tomorrow AMAZING!

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