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Did you know that many times people select the right herb or right nutrient to help treat a medical condition, but they aren’t producing enough energy to make it work? See that’s the interesting thing about using natural medicines, you can select the right herb or nutrient, but if you haven’t taken care of the Mitochondria first…it’s often money wasted. There are a great many errors in dosing strategies that we will help you identify and avoid so you can always be sure to get the most out of each and every treatment plan you design. Organic foods are great. Organic Herbs & Supplements are great. Putting the right ones together at the right dosing is the best way to make your treatment plans consistently effective.


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Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification?
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Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1 – Advanced Mitochondrial Energy Production, Clinical Dosing Strategies

Lesson 2 – Common Dosing Errors, Clinical Dosing Strategies Continued

Lesson 3 – Nutrients & Herbs For Energizing Enzyme Production, Probiotics, Dosing Strategies Continued

Lesson 4 – Nutrients & Herbs For Energetic Learning at All Ages, Dosing Strategies Continued

Lesson 5 – Nutrients & Herbs For Heart Health, How To Design Herbal Formulations

Lesson 6 – Nutrients & Herbs For Liver Health, How To Design Herbal Formulations Continued