Delicious Raw & Vegan Meals


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Learn how to prepare delicious raw & vegan meals from acclaimed professionals with over 15 years of restaurant experience turning kitchens into healing centers. You’ll enjoy the down to earth teaching styles of Kirstin & Chef Dan as they show you how to transform your kitchen into the healthiest room in your home…and at an affordable price. You’ll get great tips on everything from knife skills to selecting the most flavorful Organic produce. And you’ll learn first hand how to prepare over 30 essential recipes that will make even the most finicky eaters ask for more. This isn’t good vegan food…it’s good food that just happens to be vegan!


Included In
Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification?
Included In
Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification?
Available To Healthcare Professionals Individually?
Credit HoursTotal LessonsVideo ContentEst. Months To Complete
756Over 10 Hours1-2
Personalized Responses You'll Receive From FacultyeLibrary AvailablePrerequisitesStudent Support
12 or More!YesNoneUnlimited!

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Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1 – Transforming Your Kitchen Into A Healing Center

Lesson 2 – Dairy-Free Cheeses, Creams, Yogurts and Medicinal Juicing

Lesson 3 – Roasting Potatoes, Avocados, Squashes and Root Vegetables

Lesson 4 – Lectins, Phytic Acid, and Ways to Safely Enjoy Beans

Lesson 5 – Nut Meats for Tacos, Sloppy Joes, Chili & a Fantastic Rollintini

Lesson 6 – Dessert & The Best Avocado Chocolate Mousse Ever

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