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December 4, 2023

This class is excellent. You will learn how to deal with all types of Covid issues by looking at what is going on in the body at the cellular level. This team of professionals, led by Dr. Henry Ealy, provide the research and how to apply it for everyone to benefit. Highly recommend it.

Beth Carver
December 4, 2023

This was an amazing course -I just wish it weren’t over already! Dr H is so knowledgeable and brilliant as well as his colleagues! It will take months for me to go back and soak in all the information that I acquired through this course! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Patricia Samler
December 4, 2023

I learned so much about my body on a cellular level and healing it. I loved the content and the other presenters that brought valuable new information and content. Always learning the most recent up to date information for healing. The fact the Dr. Ealy makes sure everyone remembers that we are all different and one size does not fit all. You need to customize it to your body with supplements and dosing. Healing happens at a different level and time for each person, be patient it will happen. My family at EHI is amazing and I love them all dearly. The instant connections as we all learned with and from each other were just as valuable. I can say that my life has truly changed in a more positive light from my new friendships that we have created. I love them all and pray for their healing journey to continue on the positive path. You will gain so much more than knowledge with this certification.

Tammy Miner
December 4, 2023

EHI is by far the greatest online school I have ever experienced! Dr. H and his staff are amazing. It’s one big family. Each one of us is uniquely different in our own right, as all families. Yet, we share the same mindset and goal. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to fulfill one of my lifelong goals, becoming a Nutritionist!

Adrienne Grote
December 4, 2023

I am a current student at EHI and I love it because I love learning and connecting with others. We share information and grow every class. It truly is a respectful and fun environment to learn about true healing. So glad I found Dr. Ealy and EHI.

Margie Devlin

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