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Learn life skills handed down for thousands of years to help you create happiness throughout your life. Did you know that the average 4 year old child laughs 300 times per day, but the average 40 year old adult only laughs 4? What happened? How did we become so disconnected from ourselves? The easy answer is stress. Stress from our diets, our lives, and our thoughts…they all affect the body the same way by turning on the ‘Fight or Flight’ Nervous System, which breaks a body down over time. This class will teach you how to reclaim a happiness that you may not have felt for a very long time as you become aware that Holistic Nutrition is far more than just the foods you eat. Happiness begins within…and we’ll show you how to get there and have fun in the process.


Included In
Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification?
Included In
Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification?
Available To Healthcare Professionals Individually?
Credit HoursTotal LessonsVideo ContentEst. Months To Complete
756Over 10 Hours1-2
Personalized Responses You'll Receive From FacultyeLibrary AvailablePrerequisitesStudent Support
18 or More!YesNoneUnlimited!

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Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1 – Building a Solution Oriented State of Mind, Meditation Breathing Practice Step By Step

Lesson 2 – Talking To Yourself With Encouragement, The Mental High-5, Meditation Breathing Practice Step By Step

Lesson 3 – Identifying Energy Draining Reactions, What Forgiveness Does For Your Health, Meditation Breathing Practice Step By Step

Lesson 4 – Creating Energy Cultivating Responses, Laughter Is Medicine, Meditation Breathing Practice Step By Step

Lesson 5 – Building PLUS Relationships, Creating Your Unique Code To Live By, Meditation Breathing Practice Step By Step

Lesson 6 – Living A Solution Oriented Life, The Benefits Of Adversity, Meditation Breathing Practice Step By Step

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