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DTOX101: Energetic Cleansing & Clinical Fasting

Description & Highlights

Next DTOX101 Starts Spring 2018. Stay Tuned for Early Bird Enrollment. Use Promo Code: POOPINGFORFUN. Your body is absolutely designed to heal…but it could use a helping hand too. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to completely Stalemate, and then Reverse, major disease processes utilizing Clinically Proven approaches for 1) Energetically Cleansing the entire Digestive Tract at the cellular level to promote optimal digestion, absorption, elimination & immune function; followed by 2) Water Fasting to promote Cellular Autophagy so the body can effectively rid itself of Cancer Cells and cells damaged by the bio-accumulation of disease precursors. By utilizing our unique approach to these healing modalities and sequentially combining them, you can unlock the resonant healing potential of the human body synergistically accelerating the body’s innate healing processes. DTOX101 is an incredibly thorough, very interactive, encouragingly hands-on, personalized exploration into a healthier & happier new you! YEP. YOU WILL DO A FULL CLEANSE WITH DR.H DURING THIS COURSE!
A body that has difficulty pooping, peeing, sweating, and/or breathing is a body that will bio-accumulate disease precursors. A body that has a few extra pounds and a difficult time losing them is a body that will bio-accumulate disease precursors. A body that is constantly tired and depressed is a body that will bio-accumulate disease precursors. And if the person living in a body like this, has a difficult time letting go of painful experiences, then they will certainly bio-accumulate Emotional Charge throughout their body too. Ultimately, disease precursors like Chronic Nutrient Deficiencies, GMOs, Pesticides, Mercury & Hundreds of Other Environmental Pollutants, Refined Sugar, Excessive Meat Consumption, Excessive Use of Pharmaceuticals (like Antibiotics, Proton Pump Inhibitors & Statins), Underlying Infections, and Embedded Emotional Charge can and will wreak havoc on the body’s ability to produce the energy essential for eliminating the disease precursors in the first place. Thus, the stresses of life help create a cycle of disease we will teach you how to break.
The thought is simple…the disease precursors create disease…our body is designed to heal…get the disease precursors out…improve your lifestyle to keep them out……give your body a little time to clean up the damage they created…and the body will heal itself. DTOX101 will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to unlock your body’s FULL HEALING POTENTIAL. Can you create a Healthier, Happier You…1 Poop At A Time? You bet your Sweet Artemisia Annua you can! for more info.

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Holistic Nutrition Certification?
Included In
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NoNoOpen to Anyone 18 & Older
Credit HoursTuitionLive Group WebinarsCourse Dates
75 Hours (6 Lessons)Only $297.00
Early Bird $197.00
Every Friday 11am Pacific
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Spring 2018
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At Least 1 per LessonYesNoneUnlimited!

**Please Note – Students May Elect To Take This Course Without Participating In A Cleanse And/Or Fast If They Choose To Do So Or Are Deemed Unable To Do So Medically. Be Advised, There Will Be Additional Costs For Cleansing Supplements & Herbs Typically Ranging Between $100 to $250 Depending Upon How Robust You Want Your Cleanse To Be.


Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1 – Energetic Cleansing Theory, Nutrients Essential for Energy Production,DTOX101 Going #2 – Setting Up Your 28-Day Cleanse, Guidelines, Journaling, Goal Setting, Being Real With Yourself

Lesson 2 – Bentonite Clay & Psyllium Husk Powder Shakes, The 7 Deadly Sins: Vaccinations, Tap Water, ‘Silver’ Mercury Amalgam Fillings, GMOs/Sugar, Pesticides/Herbicides/Fungicides, CAFO Meat, PPIs/Statins/Antibiotics, Going #2 – What You May Be Feeling Days 1 to 7

Lesson 3 – Emotional Charge: The Only Things That Come Out Of Us Are What’s Already In There, Going #2 – What You May Be Feeling Days 8 to 14

Lesson 4 – Complementary Natural Therapies: Infrared Saunas, Coffee & Herbal Enemas, Neti Pots, Skin Brushing, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Going #2 – What You May Be Feeling Days 15 to 21

Lesson 5 – Energetic Cleansing Seasonally & As A New Lifestyle, Going #2 – What You May Be Feeling Days 22 to 28

Lesson 6 – Clinical Fasting & Autophagy, Clinical Water Fasting – What You May Be Feeling Days 1 to 3

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