"A ‘patient’ is someone who suffers
and endures misfortune.
While a ‘student’ is someone who aspires and strives to understand.
Which would you rather be?

I’ve been preaching for a while now about the importance of people changing their perspective from dependence; ‘fix me, fix me, please fix me,’ to independence; ‘I CAN heal myself!

You’ve probably heard me say by now that I’ll never take on another ‘patient’ in my career, but I’ll take on as many ‘students’ as possible for the rest of my life.


Well, it comes down to the Cult of Asclepius and the study of the origin of words and how their meanings have changed throughout history. A ‘patient’ is someone who suffers and endures misfortune. While a ‘student’ is someone who aspires and strives to understand. Which would you rather be?

One does what they are told like a good little slave. The other boldly asks questions in an effort to master their curiosities and improve life for themselves and the people they love.

I have absolute confidence that Our Heavenly Father didn’t give us the gift of existence just to be enslaved in an evil controlling system, regardless of how superb the propaganda is.

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Over the weekend, I had a frustrating experience during an educational health consultation. It was for an amazing individual determined to break away from the grip of ‘modern’ medicine and find the healing her body deserves. I was frustrated because what happened in this story is all too common, so common that it ushers in the dangerous word of being ‘normal.’

What Happened?

The situation with this woman is a repeated occurrence worldwide, far too common. It’s a clear case of Gross Medical Malpractice.

There is a reason why people are terrified of going into a hospital now…and really have been for decades.

We have a fundamental problem that spans from sellout politics, globalist ideals, and corrupt law to unethical harmaceutical medicines. For some insane reason, people in these industries get paid regardless of how poorly they do their jobs. Where’s the incentive to do a good job? Where’s the honor? Where’s the integrity? Where’s the love?

Why in the world would you get paid when your mistakes directly lead to a person’s demise?

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in ‘modern’ medicine according to John Hopkins University…you know, the same altruistic University that stole the HeLa cell line from Henrietta Lacks and her family, that also hosted Event 201, a COVID-19 ‘simulation’ exercise in October 2019 in partnership with the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

If you think that was a ‘simulation’ exercise and not a final test run before they gave the green light, then it’s as if your mind is closed and you’re missing what’s happening. But I digress…

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Imagine if doctors and hospitals weren’t paid when someone died due to their negligence and incompetence. Take a wild guess what would happen if their insurance money was dependent on positive outcomes? It wouldn’t fix everything, but it would be an excellent start!

So, here I am on Saturday evening, finally getting to sit down and review this health history and some of the labs sent over. I never know what I’m about to read. Typically, it’s COVID shot injuries or something about COVID because COVID is the nightmare we can’t seem to wake from yet.

I’m reading this health history, and the aspiring student says her Kidney function is 8%. WHAT?!!!!

So, I’m thinking they got the damn shots…but wait…she didn’t…Phew!

As I continue in her health history, I notice that eight weeks prior, her first Kidney function test, called a Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), was 8. WHAT?!!!!

An optimal GFR is in the 90’s or higher. A good GFR is in the 80’s. An okay GFR is in the 60’s. I have never seen a GFR that low in the 25 years of looking at Comprehensive Metabolic Panels. This is Acute Kidney Failure until proven otherwise. This is an emergency condition.

So, now I’m expecting to see that they did some additional testing to figure out the cause. Maybe its Polycystic Kidneys? Massive Infections? Heavy Metal Accumulation? Rare Kidney Stones?

The next set of results were from a  month later, and couldn’t believe what I saw…

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It’s been a month since this person showed signs of what is likely Acute Kidney Failure until proven otherwise, and they run the same tests to tell them the EXACT thing they already knew? WHAT A WASTE OF TIME THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPENT HELPING THIS PERSON IN NEED! You mean to tell me she hasn’t even been on an allopathic harmaceutical treatment for that month?!!!!

Okay…it’s now a miracle that this person is still alive.

I then see a third series of test results about 6 weeks from the initial tests; surely, they’ve started digging to figure out the root cause is…




What was crazy about this third batch of repeat testing is that they found 3 types of bacteria in her urine this time, and here’s what they had to say about it…

‘Identification and susceptibility testing not performed as clinical value questionable in this situation.’

(Basically, that means they won’t run more tests on these findings because they weren’t sure if it would be helpful in this case.)

Now, I feel like the rapper Lil Jon….WHHHHHHHAT?!!!!!

They know this woman’s Kidneys are failing. They’ve wasted WEEKS repeating the same tests. Then, when they find something BY ACCIDENT, they refuse to investigate because, in their incompetent minds, the ‘clinical value’ is ‘questionable.’

What’s the definition of insanity again? Oh yeah, doing the same thing again and again, but expecting different results.

This is textbook malpractice. These folks are either trying to purposely harm this woman or not caring enough to do their job properly and look out for lives.

It’s a miracle this woman is still alive.

What did the allopathic, harmaceutical, cult of Asclepius, white coats ultimately want to do? They wanted to put her on dialysis…that’s what they wanted from the start. Dialysis for the rest of her life. Why you may be asking would they want to do that? Because it makes them a lot of money… for as long as her body will hold out.

If she dies? So what? They don’t seem to care. They still get paid for doing a horrible job, and this poor woman and her family have to live with the fallout of malpractice. They simply don’t seem to care about people in need.

All of this got me thinking…

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Why are people paying for malpractice?

Don’t people know there is REAL natural medicine out there that is hands down better than so many of these harmaceuticals? Don’t they know some people genuinely love their jobs, they love helping people learn how to heal, and they know how to make natural medicine work?

It’s disheartening that countless people rush to hospitals, mirroring the return to abusive relationships. I get that breaking free is tough—I’ve worked with battered women extensively. Still, breaking these harmful cycles is crucial for healing and personal strength. I understand this firsthand.

Allopaths and harmaceuticals almost killed me several times when I was young. Thankfully they didn’t, but then these white coats acted like they were the ones that saved my life. Thank GOD by the time I was a teen, my mom could see through the fraud and had enough of their lies!

This is why I got into natural medicine, to help myself heal, and it WORKED!

I didn’t need those white-coated Asclepius followers who live in a world where they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions or lack of. I found several excellent teachers who happened to be natural docs that taught me how to heal myself.

This is what we’re offering at Healing for the A.G.E.S.

Learning how to HEAL YOURSELF!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Here’s YOUR chance to break free from this harmful cycle and discover your innate ability to heal yourself. Let us empower you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and regain control over your health. Register below! 

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