July 28, 2015 – Did you know that your baby’s immune system isn’t developed enough to form an immunological ‘memory’ of a vaccine until at least 18 Months? Did you know that the ‘memory’ of the infection is what provides up to 10 years of safety? Did you know that the current vaccination schedule recommends 25 vaccinations prior to 18 months of age?

There may not be a more polarizing topic in healthcare today than Vaccinations. Too often doctors cite ‘research’ they’ve never read as proof of safety. Too often doctors fail to discuss the more than 130,000 adverse events reported since 1990 due to vaccinations. Too often doctors fail to provide information, instead relying on guilt and fear to enact parental compliance… and in more than 108 cases with fatal consequences.

Every parent has a right to decide whether vaccinations are right for their children and if they do decide to proceed…Every parent has a right to know which vaccinations make sense and which do not. When a parent understands the role of clean water and sanitation…when a parent understands the principles of immunocompetence…then they can be empowered to make decisions based on risk vs reward rather than guilt and fear.


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