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Unique Twist For The Day of LOVE

Want to mix it up this Valentine’s Day and make your gift giving greener but a whole lot sweeter? Start with these ideas below!


Make Those Roses Last

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Roses for your beloved…a gift that is traditional at it’s roots. Roses wilt and die but wood flowers last for years.

…or paper flowers that you can make! Turn it it a craft night with your special someone and make them together!

If you choose to stick with real roses consider buying locally grown and in season flowers. Perhaps take your someone special to a local farmers market and let them pick their bouquet. Make a date out of it!


After Valentine’s Day, consider repurposing those fresh roses…

Rose Water:

Use for a facial toner or a spritz to uplift your spirits. View this youtube video and see how: (


Candied Rose Petals:

Edible candied rose petals are delicious and lovely when used to decorate desserts or green salads.


Rose Flower Sachets

Taking the fresh rose petals off of the flower and letting them air dry, then later mixing them with spices, other dried leaves, adding rose oil or perfume, creates a potpourri, that you can toss into an organza fabric drawstring bag…and voila’! You have yourself a rose petal sachet! Tuck it into drawers, cupboards, or under your pillow.


Rose Flower Tea

Dried rose petals can be used in teas, and are known to contain vitamin C and are nutrient-dense with polyphenols.

There are many recipes for fresh and dried rose petals, here are some links that may suit you.


Perhaps your Valentine isn’t into flowers! Go green with Succulents! Easy to care for, long lasting and offering mega zen vibes…they can be the perfect flower alternative!

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