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Holistic Practice Specialist Certification


Description & Highlights

Focused on the essential Holistic Practice skills for initial intakes, reviewing detailed health histories, and assessing the progress of your treatments utilizing clinical Parasympathetic feedback techniques during follow-up visits.
Success in Practice Pro is one of the 4 Specialist Certifications essential for being eligible to Get NANP Board Certified, but this course can be taken independent of the other 3 Specialist Certifications for Healthcare Professions who have already graduated from an NANP approved school. In this class you’ll get a LOT…simple, yet profound techniques for keeping everything you’ve ever wanted to know when it comes to working with your clients. Draw from two decades of Dr.H’s clinical experience to get Treatment Protocols as starting points for the most common diseases you’ll see in practice. You’ll be taught how to interpret basic blood tests & Food Allergy Panels. You’ll get sample forms for New Client Profiles, Health Histories, 1st Appointments, Treatment Plans, & Follow-up visits that will help you ask the ‘Right’ questions. You’ll get the opportunity to watch 4 actual cases from start to finish and put what you’ve learned into practice under the


Can Be Bundled For NANP Board Certification Eligibility?Available To Non-Healthcare Professionals Individually?Available To Healthcare Professionals & Grads From Other Schools?
Credit HoursTotal LessonsVideo ContentEst. Months To Complete
1006Over 10 Hours1-2
Min. Faculty Responses
Per Student
eLibrary AvailablePrerequisitesStudent Support
18 or MoreYesNoneUnlimited!



Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1 – 1st New Client Appointment, Reviewing Health Histories, The 4 Considerations For Healing, Practicing Informed Consent, Case Studies, 2 Treatment Protocols, How To Interpret Basic Labs

Lesson 2 – 2nd New Client Appointment, Ethics & Safe Practice, Becoming Board Certified, Case Studies, 2 Treatment Protocols, How To Interpret Delayed Food Allergy Tests

Lesson 3 – Established Client Follow-up Appointments, Reading Parasympathetic ‘Rest & Digest’ Nervous System Signs Of Healing, Designing Effective Treatment Plans

Lesson 4 – Clinical Pharmacology Medication Half-Lives, When To Refer, When To Hug

Lesson 5 – Identifying 4th & 5th Level Energy Draining Reaction In Clients Who Can Hurt Your Practice, Trusting Your First Thought, Holding Clients Accountable

Lesson 6 – How To Protect Your Schedule, Helping Foster Independence, Giving As Much Energy As Your Client