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Spring Clean Your Diet

When we all start to open up our windows again, say goodbye to the puffy coats and mittens, and dig out the Dr. Bronner’s to begin the yearly task of spring cleaning. While sorting through our wardrobes to celebrate the changing weather and kicking those dust bunnies that have been hiding in the corners of our closets out is top priority for the health of our home environment, what about taking the time to spring clean our diet? After a long winter filled with holiday goodies, comfort food, and missed gym sessions, springtime might just be the best time to make some much-needed shifts in preparation for the year ahead.

I know that a few of my health resolutions would love a second chance to shine, so here are a few ideas if you’re wanting to give your diet a little makeover this spring.


  1. Begin by assessing your current diet. Have things like refined sugars and processed junk crept in over the winter? Is your current diet helping you to achieve your health, fitness, and personal goals? Do you feel good?? Be honest with yourself here: change can’t happen if you aren’t able to see where you’re starting.

  2. Start slow. While it’s easy to get into the mindset of “I need to lose 104,738 lbs before I ever even THINK about stepping into a bikini this summer,” trying to change everything at once will only mean hitting a wall and going back to your bad winter habits. Keep your momentum going by changing one thing at a time, making it a habit you can stick to, and then moving onto the next.

  3. Cleaning up your diet is easier when your fridge is clean, too. Get rid of empty calories and any foods that won’t make you feel your best from your fridge, freezer, pantry, and that secret stash of snacks inside of your bedside table. I find it a lot easier to build good habits when I get rid of the temptation altogether, so that I can build self-control for the times when I do need to say no.

  4. Fill that space in your kitchen you’ve created with whole foods, seasonal produce, and ingredients that will make you feel your best. Surrounding yourself with foods you’ll be proud and excited to put into your body will make cleaning up your diet something you won’t even have to think about.

  5. Let go of any comfort eating that’s been happening this winter. Eat until you’re 80% full. Put your snacks on a plate instead of mindlessly eating them from the bag. Give your body time to digest your food before you decide if you’re still hungry or not. Practicing mindfulness when it comes to our eating habits creates satisfaction and limits overeating.


Lastly, make sure your diet is something you enjoy! Include fruits and vegetables that taste good, cook more meals at home with friends and family, and get outside to enjoy the fresh spring weather. Shifting your diet to support a healthier lifestyle becomes so easy when you realize it can add so much to your life, not take away from it.

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