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The dream began on December 5th, 1999…AmyKhan

What if there could be a school that provided the most complete education in natural medicines and holistic healthcare?

What if it could be a home to some of the best teachers in the world?

What if it could attract the best students? Amazing people truly eager to make a difference…

What if it could focus on what really matters and be even better than advertised?

What if it could become the pebble in the pond that creates countless ripples of healing waves throughout humanity…and in doing so help bring us closer together…more clear on what really matters?

But dreams this big aren’t possible alone. EHI exists because thousands of people have helped create, shape, and improve what we do. EHI exists because thousands of people have taught, worked together, and shared beautiful life-enriching experiences with me. Thank you to all!

Every time I was told I was crazy, that I couldn’t do it, that this dream would never happen…I learned to take the negativity as vitamin. I learned how to say thank you to the naysayers…and as you grow with us you’ll know how to do the same!

This is a dream. A BIG dream. And an important dream.

This is not my school…It’s OUR school.

Our courses, certifications and ultimately our degree programs to come, all come from a place of positive intention for your educational experience and for your future. Giving for the sake of giving. It’s so wonderful to have a life-long love affair with curiosity, one we hope to nurture within you during your time with us.

Every class is a class that I always wanted to take as a student. Each one filled with answers to incredibly insightful questions and provided by amazing teachers with real-world experience.

Education is fun. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Education is memorable. That’s the ultimate point. Education is that which allows us to share something deeply special to us with another…and in doing so bring value to everyone.

At the Energetic Health Institute you will feel like you’re home. You’ll feel like you matter. Like people genuinely care about you. You’ll feel this way, because we do really care about you.

I believe there is a healing light in each person. At the Energetic Health Institute…we’ll teach you how to let yours shine!


The Logo for Energetic Health Institute symbolizes each of us and our path to healing.Silver Logo Only

The fire of the logo symbolizes the light within each of us emanating from the depths of our heart. The heart is the source of the most prominent healing energy known to life. The fire also makes the shape of a hand, reminding us that touch is an essential healing factor uniting all natural therapies.

Much like us, the 4 circles are each incomplete, yet open into deeper levels of understanding of ourselves. Each circle faces in opposite directions, symbolic of the 4 directions in Native American culture to honor the history of healing from indigenous cultures throughout the world. The circles open to the East symbolizing a new beginning. Similar to how the fascia organizes the muscles of our bodies, none of the 4 circles directly touch each other. This helps to demonstrate a fundamental principle of creating space to create healing.

                                                      Where there is space there is movement…

                                                                    Where there is movement there is energy…

                                                                               And where there is energy disease cannot exist.

Each incomplete circle represents one of the 4 Energetic Health Primary Therapies (Organic Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, Release Point Therapy & Breathwork) as well as the 4 Energetic Health Therapy Categories for developing treatment plans (Primary Therapies, Complimentary Therapies, Fine-tuning Therapies, Essential Therapies).

In healing we strive to create space within the body so that the stresses of life that dim our light can be released from our experience.

Ultimately, we strive to help people amplify their light so that they can share their light with the world.

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We are approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals to offer nanplogoOnline Courses in Holistic Nutrition that qualify our graduates to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.

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