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We absolutely LOVE making medical marijuana (cannabis) into potent herbal medicines! It’s easy, it’s fun, and it can be SO empowering to rely on the medicine you made instead of products that you’re not sure you can trust. So many products on the market today want you to believe that using isolated cannabinoids are more medicinally effective than using the whole herb and nothing could be further from the truth Many of these products attempt to extract the medicinal compounds at temperatures that injure the medicine or even worse, with chemicals that render the medicine of this amazing herb virtually useless.

Medical Marijuana

Must Be 21 Or Over To Enroll

Making medical marijuana into potent medicine isn’t about deconstructing a whole herb. Herbal medicine making is about learning how to PRESERVE ALL of the medicinal compounds in order to create a resonant, synergistic, entourage effect whereby ALL of the medicinal compounds are working in harmony for maximum energetic healing!

What’s important to understand is that isolated cannabinoids from medical marijuana often require much more of that compound in order to create a therapeutic effect. While balanced herbal remedies that preserve all of the medicinal compounds require much less. Isolated medicinal compounds create physiologic and biochemical imbalances within your body over time. While most herbal remedies create balance known as homeostasis. And because of the imbalances they create, isolated cannabinoids will often force you to have to take even more of that compound in order to create the therapeutic effect you’re seeking. While balanced herbal remedies with all the medicinal compounds preserved do not.

As it pertains to isolated cannabinoids, increases in dosing just to get the initial benefits once felt are a sure sign of your body struggling to maintain homeostasis due to the imbalance created by the bio-accumulating isolated cannabinoid. More is not better…better is better. When you have to increase the dose to get the original therapeutic effect this reveals a classic increase in tolerance. In essence the more you take, the less effective it has become.

Why is all this SO important?

Because you could be spending a lot of money on inferior products that…(1) you could make much better yourself…and (2) at a fraction on the cost. MMJ101 is all about building your confidence in your medicine making abilities. Learn how to confidently select the right flowers for yourself and your clients, how to combine the right flowers with each other, with CDB Oils, and with other herbs to create the most potent medicines available anywhere…and right in your own kitchen!

If you are an herbal enthusiast, a person in need of the medicine, a cultivator, a retailer, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, or a medical professional…then MMJ101 is perfect for you! Become an expert Certified Medical Marijuana Specialist and enroll today!

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Available To Healthcare Professionals Individually?Scholarships Available?
NoNoOpen to Anyone 21 & Older 🙂No
Credit HoursTuitionBooks & Supplies2022 Course Dates
75 Hours (6 Lessons)Without Promo Code $397.00
Early Bird $297.00
EHI HNC Student & Grads $197.00
Not Included. Books, Herbs, & Kitchen Equipment
Will Cost About $50 to $125. But You'll Likely
Have Many Of The Kitchen Items You'll Need.
Beginning Feb 1, 2022 Cannabis Education Will Be Offered Through Our New Evergreen Learning Platform (
Personalized Responses You'll Receive From FacultyLive Interactive Master ClassesPrerequisitesStudent Support
At Least 1 per LessonFor MMJ101 Students & Grads Only
Every Friday 12pm Pacific
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Curriculum Copyright AuthorWhat You'll Be Able To Do Upon Graduation
Dr. HeneleAct As A Certified Medical Marijuana Specialist Able To Read Cannabis Certificates Of Analysis
& Valid Research, Discuss Benefits To The Body For Specific Medical Conditions
& Effective Medicine Making Techniques With Family, Friends, Customers, Clients & Patients,
Understand How To Select The Perfect Flowers & Transform Their Medicinal Compounds
Without Destroying The Fragile Essential Oils & Antioxidants, Identify & Source Pesticide-Free Cannabis

Must Be 21 Or Over To Enroll


Medical Marijuana


Lessons & Topics for Medical Marijuana 101

Lesson 1 – Finding The Perfect Flowers – Why The Whole Cannabis Flower Is Already Holistic As Is, Herbal Remedies And Your Nervous & Immune Systems, Medicinal Compounds And Their Derivatives, How To Read & Interpret Certificates of Analysis, How To Set Up Your Kitchen For Lesson 4Medical Marijuana

Lesson 2 – Up In Smoke – How To Read & Interpret Certificates of Analysis for Pesticides & Chemical Pollution Content, How To Find The Best Labs For Testing Your Cannabis Flowers, Oils, &/or Final Products

Lesson 3 – Half-Baked – All About Terpenes, Why Terpenes Are The Spirit of the Plant & How To Maximize Them In Your Products, How Glucuronic Acid & Terpenes Become Modern Day Magic In Your Bloodstream, How To Read & Interpret Certificates of Analysis For Terpene Content, Calculating For Perfect Therapeutic Dosing Every Time

Lesson 4 – Elevated Edible Madness – Making Medicine: Temperatures & Techniques for Making Organic, Vegan Cannabis-Infused Herbal Remedies Into Butters & Oils, Overcoming Any Fears

Lesson 5 – The Dude Cannabides – How The Spirit Of The Plant Interacts With The Biochemistry Of Your Nervous System In Detail, All Well-Researched Medicinal Compounds

Lesson 6 – One Love – Medicinal Uses For Your Cannabis-Infused Herbal Remedies, The Many Industrial Uses Of Herbs To Help Reverse Climate Destruction, How Cannabis Engages Autophagy For Cancer Treatments, Behavior Stability, Fuzzy Family Members & Detoxing

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