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It’s the fine print that usually gets us. And no where is this more important than when it comes to reading labels. With anywhere from 60 to 75% of adults in the United States currently being overweight, obese, or morbidly obese it’s crucial that healthcare professionals be able to teach our clients how to read labels properly and avoid so many of the hidden weight gainers in today’s processed foods. Creating Weight Balance is a practical course where you’ll learn everything from which aisles to avoid in the grocery store to what your daily calorie goal really should be…it’s a LOT LESS than most people think! This class will help you find some of the often overlooked obstacles to losing weight and what it takes to reshape your body and self-image for good.


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Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification?
Included In
Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification?
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Credit HoursTotal LessonsVideo ContentEst. Months To Complete
1006Over 10 Hours2
Personalized Responses You'll Receive From FacultyeLibrary AvailablePrerequisitesStudent Support
21 or More!YesNoneUnlimited!

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Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1 – Neurotransmitters & Eating Disorders, Greenhouse Gases, Reading Labels

Lesson 2 – Biochemistry of Metabolism, Reducing Food Waste, Reading Labels

Lesson 3 – Chemical Endocrine Disruptors, Healing Our Oceans of Plastic, Reading Labels

Lesson 4 – Fasting & Autophagy, Solutions For Healing Climate Change, Reading Labels

Lesson 5 – Fad Diets, Agroforestry

Lesson 6 – Small Ways To Make A BIG Difference

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