Your Practice PLUS Holistic Nutrition

One Open House Changed My Life! Holistic Nutrition is the perfect addition to your practice. So you’re thinking about adding Holistic Nutrition to your current skillset? I began my career in Natural Medicine as a licensed massage therapist specializing in Shiatsu & emotionally focused Myofascial Bodywork over 2 decades ago. It was wonderful to be free from the soul-crushing doldrums of a 9 to 5 dead-end job, in a windowless cubicle, working on projects that were obsolete before they were ever completed. I loved people. I craved creativity. And a year before, I sat staring at my computer in utter disbelief that my life after college had been reduced to looking forward to the next team lunch or birthday cake. Sound familiar?

Helping people naturally, doing something I absolutely adore, in an environment filled with like-minded optimists revived my spirit in ways I struggle to describe, but will be forever grateful for! After only a year in the field, my thirst for learning was insatiable and my love for massage grew into a love for the strength, flexibility and inner connectedness Yoga offered. I was over the moon with how much better I felt and how much happier I was thanks to these modalities only 2 years into their practice. What I underestimated was a third major natural medicine I had been practicing all along the way…Holistic Nutrition.

During my first 2 years in Natural Medicine, I had been cleansing with herbs, supplements, bentonite clayAt the Energetic Health Institute we believe in sharing the Spirit of Aloha with everyone. We’re going to do all we can to make sure you feel like family as we take you through our 100% stress-free enrollment process!

YES YOU CAN DO THIS!: Attend Our Evergreen Open House


STEP 1: Complete The Scholarship Application Below

Love what you’re learning about EHI and excited about your future? Well, there’s more! Get up to $1,000 in Scholarships when you bundle each of our Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification, Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification, and Holistic Practice & Business Specialist Certification. Be sure to check your email, scholarships are ONLY available for students who attend this phone appointment. Let’s Make Tomorrow Amazing!


STEP 2: Attend Your Welcome To EHI Phone Call

Chat with one of our amazing Welcome Specialists so we can talk about your future here and show you why EHI is the perfect school for you. We’ll also review your scholarship application and you’ll get a chance to ask us any questions you may have. As a Thank You Bonus, you’ll also receive some neat gifts just for taking some time to get on the phone with us!

Then, if everything is looking good, you’ll be able to get started right away or schedule a follow up enrollment appointment where you can enroll or reserve your scholarship for up to 4 months while you prepare to join us. A Skype call can be set up for all International students. At EHI we pride ourselves on creating a completely stress-free, no pressure enrollment process!


STEP 3: Claim Your Scholarship & Select Your Start Date!

At EHI we are an open enrollment school, which means new classes start when you’re ready to start! Once you’ve decided EHI is right for you, claim your scholarship and any tuition savings credits by selecting the Tuition that’s right for you. We offer favorable Single Payment options filled with extra perks that you won’t find at any other school and Guaranteed Approvals on all Alternative Student Loan Applications to help keep your monthly payments at an incredibly affordable monthly tuition rate. No matter your budget, we have tuition options for you that can work! Everything we do is for our students and designed to work with your budget and schedule, so when you’re ready, you can GO, GO, GO!


AND THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!: Take A Tour Of The Classrooms Live 1-On-1.

It’s so important for a new student to feel 100% supported when you first get started and that’s our top priority. Your New Student Tour will last 30 to 45 minutes. It’s a 1-on-1 personalized onboarding session to ensure your computer is working perfectly and that you’re comfortable with the online learning environment. Not tech savvy? Don’t you worry about a thing, we’ll take our time to make sure you feel super comfortable with it all so you can focus on learning more about what you love. And during this tour, we’ll schedule your first Student Success call so we can make sure you’re always on track to graduate. At EHI you really matter to us. We may be 100% online, but you’ll never feel alone. 🙂