Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification


Description & Highlights

Our Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification is part of our program bundle for Getting NANP Board Certified and an excellent complement to our Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification. Many holistic nutrition programs out there will give you a good overview of nutrition but not the anatomical, physiological, and biochemical depth needed to really understand why people get sick and how AMAZING Holistic Nutrition can turn disease completely around. And we’re not going to stop there…we’re going to give you the Energetic AND Emotional components too! In this Specialist Certification you’ll learn how to make nutrition work for EVERY system of the body from the Nervous System to the Digestive System and even the Myofascial and Endocrine (Hormonal) Systems. And you’ll still get the great hands-on experience and unlimited 1-on-1 personalized attention that’s the hallmark of every EHI education. Go deeper with understanding the Therapeutic Range of nutrients needed to make healing happen, where to find those nutrients AND which nutrients you can get from your foods…and which you’ll need to supplement.

Learn about Supplements & Herbs and how to dose them for specific situations to get the Energetic Effect. This Specialist Certification is a must for everyone who loves Organic Holistic Nutrition, who believes in the healing power of food as medicine, and who knows deep inside that the key to healing starts with what we choose to put in our body. What’s more…learn why Organic is such a big deal for us and our planet. Heal the Blood…Heal the Body. Heal the Soil…Heal Everybody. Yes we are proud supporters of Regenerative, Biodynamic, Syntropic Organic Agriculture…and we’ll even teach you a little about there amazing principles in this program too.


Total Number of ClassesOptional Field Study ApprenticeshipNANP Board Exam Prep
4Yes! (When Bundled)YES! (When Bundled)
Credit HoursTotal LessonsVideo ContentEst. Months To Complete
50034Over 75 Hours6-9
Personalized Responses You'll Receive From FacultyeLibrary AvailablePrerequisitesStudent Support
OVER 100!YesH.S. Diploma or EquivalentUnlimited!


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