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Holistic Allergy Remedies

Spring Allergy Season has begun! We asked our students to share their go to Holistic Allergy Remedies! Check out all their AMAZING tips below!

“I never had seasonal allergies until recent years. Someone at the YMCA told me to take a teaspoon of raw, local honey every day. She told me that it would take a full year to get rid of the allergies. Since I spend part of the year in Florida and part in Ohio, I purchased raw, local honey from both locations. I alternate them. I get mine at the local farmer’s markets (Winter Park, FL and Dayton, OH) from trusted sources. I put mine in the first cup of Jasmine green tea. I don’t experience the seasonal allergies any more.”Colleen Geehan


“My go to is Activated Quercetin by Source Naturals or any other high quality quercetin that also contains bromelain. When it’s really bad I take about 3,000 mg per day in split doses 3x per day. I usually start loading up on it before the allergies begin, but this year it was so early I didn’t have time to get a jump on it. So I’m playing a bit of catch up. We’ve also found we get pretty good results for itchy watery eyes, etc. with Boiron’s Sabidil Allergy homeopathic supplement. And I drink a TON of nettle tea.” – April King


“I like to use Silvercillin Spray to back of throat 5-6 sprays gargle and swallow at night and in the am. I diffuse DoTERRA essential oils peppermint, lavender, and lemon when I sleep, and also place a drop of peppermint, lavender, and Frankincense to palm of my and rub together then cup over nose and mouth and inhale a few times. For headache I swipe peppermint across my forehead and temples being careful not to get close to eyes.”Bridget Reynolds 


“I make my honey, lemon, ginger, cinnamon & ACV hot tea. I stay away from foods like melons, cucumbers, bananas, zucchini, chocolate & nuts that make it worse. also, I take B5 with cell defense my Kal.” – Aylin La Fleur 


“Eat lots of apple “Quercetin“, Omega-3s (capsules + Flax Seeds + Fish, Nettle Leaf (tea + capsules), Lotus root (fresh andpowder form that you can add to salads or any of your food) – found in asian stores, Chocolate and nuts seem to make it worse for me. Stay away from foods that you are positive on Delayed food allergy test!” – Raquel Wilson 


“Netti pot! Salinex! Irrigate those sinuses, humidifier at night every night and change up that furnace filter monthly. I diffuse lavender, lemon and peppermint. If my allergies start acting up, avoid any mucous creating foods.. dairy, wheat, sugar etc” – Samantha Crandall 


“Alternate nostril breathing; any yoga inversion (downward dog; fish pose; rabbit); Mullein tea; Eucalyptus Essential Oil (either in a diffuser or an essential oil necklace)” – Heather Hurst 

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