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We proudly ask you compare our Holistic Nutrition Certification bundle with any other program in the world. Our Full Program is comprised of 4 Individual Certifications Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification, Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification, Holistic Practitioner & Holistic Business Specialist Certifications. Put all 4 together and earn 1000 NANP Approved Credit Hours that make you eligible to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutritionยฎ through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

Get the most personalized 1-on-1 attention you can get anywhere in the world from expert Board Certified Holistic Nutritionists & Naturopathic Doctors dedicated to helping you reach your dreams. We offer information that you just can’t find anywhere else…but taught in a way that will just make a lot of sense. At EHI, we are proud to teach you how to think instead of telling you what to think. Learn cutting edge topics like Cellular Energy Production, Delayed Food Allergies, How To Heal Serious Disease WITH FOOD, HERBS, & NUTRIENTS (YAY!!!!), plus How to Interpret Labs for Nutrient Deficiencies…and so much more. Interested in adding some delicious Vegan into your family’s weekly menu? We Got That! Interested in waving bye-bye to stress in 3 breaths or less? We Got That Too! Interested in knowing how much of a vitamin or herb you need to produce a therapeutic effect? We Got That! Food is the BEST medicine…and at the Energetic Health Institute we’ll show you how to use it! Check Out All The PERKS You Get At EHI Aloha Spirit, Student Focused, Real People, Life Uplifting Information, Unlimited Personalized Attention & So Much More…We’ve Got All Your Needs Covered Because EHI Is The Perfect School For Serious Students Like You…So, Let’s Make Tomorrow Amazing! In fact…make sure to check out our Holistic Nutrition Grads so you can see what you can be too. ๐Ÿ™‚


Total Number of ClassesField Study ApprenticeshipNANP Board Exam Prep CourseScholarship Available?
Holistic Lifestyle Specialist - 3
Holistic Nutrition Specialist - 4
Holistic Practice Specialist - 1
Holistic Business Specialist - 1
Optional & We'll Help You Find OneIncluded When You Bundle Up To $1500 When You Bundle
NANP Approved Credit HoursTotal Lessons & Teaching ConceptsHow Much Does It Cost?How Long Do I Have?
1200Over 100 Amazing Lessons, Case Studies & Teaching Concepts
Over 125 Hours Of Video
& A Thousands Of Scientific References
Find Out Here!24 Months To Complete
Personalized Responses You'll Receive From FacultyWhen Can I Enroll?PrerequisitesStudent Support
OVER 200!We Are Open Enrollment.
All Classes Are Self-Paced.
H.S. Diploma or EquivalentUnlimited!
Curriculum Copyright AuthorsHow To Get NANP Board Certified
Dr. Henele &
Kirstin Carey, CHN
1. Complete Our Scholarship Application Below ๐Ÿ™‚
2. Work With Our Friendly Welcome Specialists To Enroll In The 3 Certification Bundle
3. Work With Our Expert Faculty To Complete All Coursework For
The Holistic Lifestyle, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Practice, & Holistic Business Specialist Certifications
4. Use The NANP Board Exam Prep Course To Pass The NANP Board Exam
5. Then All You Have To Do Is Complete The NANP's Remaining Requirements For Clinical Experience


Get up to $1,000 in Scholarships when you bundle each of our Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification, Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification, and Holistic Practice & Holistic Business Specialist Certifications.

Trouble locating the Red ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’ Button Below The Scholarship Application? Just click the following link and the Full Scholarship Application will open in a new tab or window for you.


All NANP Approved ๐Ÿ™‚

Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification

101 โ€“ Holistic Nutrition Foundations 1 (HLC)

102 โ€“ Making Delicious Raw & Vegan Meals (HLC)

103 โ€“ Happiness & Meditation (HLC)


Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification

201 โ€“ Eating Healthy Pro (HNC)

202 โ€“ Holistic Nutrition Foundations 2 Pro (HNC)

203 โ€“ Supplements & Herbs Pro (HNC)

204 โ€“ Living In Holistic Balance Pro (HNC)


Holistic Practice Specialist Certification

301 โ€“ Success In Practice Pro (HP)


Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Certification

302 โ€“ Success In Business Pro (HB)


Bonuses When You Bundle All 4 Specialist Certifications

Bonus โ€“ Optional Field Study Apprenticeship

Bonus โ€“ NANP Board Exam Prep

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