1. Geoengineering and 5G technology – silent killers – what is the greater agenda?

2. Climate engineering and how it is connected to the Great Reset – our health and our planet.

3. What you can do to mitigate the harmful effects for you and your loved ones.

"To even begin to understand what is going on in the world right now. You have to be open to the idea of unlearning almost everything you were taught."


Welcome to one of the most important educational series about the monumental threat that has been silently interwoven into our daily lives – threatening our health, quality of life, and that of our planet. “Geoengineering, 5G and the Internet of Things” is an eight-part course offering a foundation for deeper learning that equips you with applicable tools to navigate this very vast subject – most importantly, steps you can take today to mitigate its harmful effects by being proactive in your home environment and community.

Just as GMO foods and organic food coating like Apeel have come into our food supply without our knowledge or consent – Geoengineering and 5G technology are, in part, a much larger plan by globalists who are pushing for the implementation of total world dominance, including “controlling our climate.”  Its key players are some well-known characters such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the World Economic Forum (The Great Reset), The World Health Organization, the United Nations, and universities, which are funded by these groups, governments, and commercial and military entities worldwide. The soundbite utilized by mainstream media, including search engines that are supported by these entities, is that it is all for our benefit, the protection of humankind, and the sustainability of planet Earth– this, ladies and gentlemen, is an insult to our intelligence. (1) (2)

We begin by asking some thought-provoking questions: What if it all appears harmless, but it isn’t? What if it were so masterfully stigmatized and wrapped in controversy that if you thought it strange or concerning, you would be scorned or ignored? What if you found out that this issue of geoengineering was already affecting your health and that of people you know and love? What if this threat had the potential to destroy our crops, our trees, the soil they are grown in, our water supply, the protective layers of our atmosphere, and whole ecosystems? What if all available data and front-line facts made it clear that this issue was putting the entire web of life out of balance? Global climate engineering/intervention programs are mathematically one of the greatest and most immediate threats we collectively face short of nuclear catastrophe’ (3)

Let’s take an investigative journey – this article touches upon some of the key issues addressed in Nikki Florio’s Geoengineering Course offered by the Energetic Health Institute – get a better understanding of the technologies, industries, people, and corporations that control businesses and the environment. 

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The worldwide agreeable definition of Geoengineering – “the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change” – in essence, playing God with our existence all in the name of profit, control, and what is termed as ‘The Great Reset.’   To achieve this, one of the primary methods used is to fill the atmosphere with light-scattering particles that are sprayed from the back of jet aircraft containing heavy metals, aerosols, and chemicals – all of which have been evaluated and confirmed globally via rain, snow, and soil tests. (4)

Many of you may have heard about “chem-trails” or “aerosol technology.”  If you google it, you will find sites  referring to it as “conspiracy” theories – the reality is that this is anything but … “Over 70 years ago, global powers committed the planet and populations to a climate engineering experiment from which there is no return.” Dane Wigington, (5) (6)


Defined by the World Economic Forum, The Great Reset is “a proposal by the World Economic Forum to rebuild the world economy sustainably following the COVID-19 pandemic. The truth is that this agenda has been in application for many decades and has been termed “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” by Klaus Schwab, director of the WEF. Unfortunately, the people and organizations behind the GR have historical criminal and environmentally/biologically destructive records. (7) 

The Great Reset – well underway – takes away civil liberties while simultaneously wreaking havoc on global environments and life on Earth. The agenda for the reset includes control of every aspect of human and biological life, procuring every resource and mineral on Earth, increasing artificial intelligence, and initiating and utilizing the trans-humanistic agenda – ALL under the false pretense of promising a utopian planet for all. Once again, truth be told, those on the top of the pyramid own everything – one of the main soundbites of the Great Reset is that “you own nothing & be happy.” (8) (9)

"For me, everything that EHI embodies is what made furthering my education here a special experience. Every single person I have interacted with has been nothing but supportive."


The emerging “new normal” – faster Internet, information at our fingertips, connectivity across the globe, better healthcare, transportation services (including self-driving cars), economic growth opportunities, etc. – the question is, “at what cost does all of this great advancement mean to our health, our children’s health, future generations, and the planet? On top of that, who is holding the power of our most personal information?

Some countries in the world have already begun “social tracking systems” – individuals are rated and evaluated for their “trustworthiness.” The impact of being blacklisted from the “system” when someone is deemed in social violation is nothing less than an atrocity to our very basic human right of existence. (10) (11)

According to the WEF, 5G is the propelling factor for the Fourth Industrial Revolution –promoting economic recovery by upgrading worldwide digital infrastructure and as an enabler of other emerging technologies – such as the Internet of things (IoT), extended reality (XR), artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing – 5G plays a critical role in this scenario. A thought to ponder – Do you think there is any correlation between Covid lockdowns and fifth-generation (5G) towers being installed? – hint… when the world was in lockdown, their plan was already in the works and documented to take place by 2020! Coincidence???

Scientists and health officials in over 40 countries have been warning the world about 5G health risks since before their installation. Ample amounts of studies have documented the detrimental effects of higher frequency waves on wildlife, honeybees, insects, etc., on their behavior and health. To date, studies on humans show 5G exposure to contribute to tissue heating, cognitive function, and cancer to name a few.  (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18)

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This course, available through the Energetic Health Institute, was created by Nikki Floro, founder and director of Bee Heroic. It is a valuable educational series on how to “Upset the Great Reset” and create a freer, healthier, more genuine, and environmentally friendlier life for yourself and your loved ones.

The W’s of Upset the Great Reset Course:

Who: If you are aware of many of the problems we have on Earth today and understand that mainstream media, conventional educational outlets, and governments are not being forthright about health, environment, and society, you will find some of the answers and solutions you are seeking here.

What: A collective of information about 5g and other world information for you to use and share when needed. 

Why: It is more important than ever to educate yourself on the scope of issues impacting Earth and communities today and also understand the most efficient way to bring or create positive, effective solutions to these problems.

Where: You can take these courses by yourself or with friends, in the comfort of your own home, hanging out in nature, or on breaks at work.

When: Any time you have time. Hop on. Get Started. Bee the change.

How: Click HERE to enroll now!

A message from Nikki – “Earth is an extraordinary planet, and at this time in history, we are both lucky and challenged to be here. Never in history has it been more important to be proactive in protecting Earth, your right to be and remain human, and in working to take down corrupt government, corrupt corporations, and corrupt entities. In this course, we provide many of the tools you need to get started immediately in specific areas. Join us.
Bee aware. Bee proactive. Bee heroic.”






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Believe it or not, it’s happening.  All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is taking place right in front of our eyes. Stepping out of our comfort zone to educate ourselves allows us to make informed decisions – from there, we have the free will to choose who and what to support. It is time to update our knowledge and stop allowing mainstream media and its agendas to dictate what we should be thinking, feeling, and doing.  Knowledge is power!

On that note, maintaining your well-being is key to a life that supports your vitality and balance. If you are interested in taking back control of your health and learning how to use food as medicine by exploring the wonderful path of holistic nutrition, join us at the EHI and discover how you can make a change in your life and those you care about.

To Your Good Health


M. Moriah Mor, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, is the owner of The company is committed to helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle through education, nutrition, the research of life science, and the development of Professional High-Grade Premium health products.

Recognized for her outstanding dedication and contributions to the health and wellness industry for more than 18 years, Moriah is a graduate of the Energetic Health Institute and the University of Southern California. Her interest is focused on researching the latest scientific breakthroughs in the holistic health field. She is currently working toward her Doctorate in Natural Medicine.

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