When we say ‘Holistic’ what do we really mean? Energetic Health is about answering this question thanks in large part to it’s foundational teaching concept known as the Cycle of Influencing Energy that connects your Emotional State with your Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Energetic fields as well as the Foods you eat & Lifestyle you lead.

Natural Medicines, including Holistic Nutrition, have a sequence of rules that need to be followed in order to get the most out of them.

Unfortunately, most people learn these rules over a long & exhausting period of time filled with trial and error.

Energetic Health is a complete holistic healing arts system created by Dr. Henele to help you understand the sequence of rules essential for immediate success. Dr. H wants you to get better, as fast as possible, by learning how to engage the body’s natural healing mechanisms with love for self and our beautiful Mother Earth.

What took him decades to master you can learn in 18 months or less through the full Holistic Nutrition program here at EHI. Learn what very few doctors unfortunately know, but everyone should…how to use food as medicine to heal yourself 100% naturally. This is the promise of Energetic Health and we can’t wait to share it with you!

There isn’t a medicine, natural or synthetic, that can help you without energy production taking place in your body first. It’s really that simple.

In conventional medicine, health is often limited to merely the ‘absence of disease.’ The prevailing thought being…‘You’re not sick, so you must be healthy.’

The moment you accept this as your definition of health, you limit the experience of your body’s true potential. The moment you accept this as your definition you invite fatigue and all of the diseases that inevitably follow to become your life experience. Understand that Fatigue is the #1 Common Symptom of each disease process. The moment you accept ‘blah’ as health you place your dreams in jeopardy.

Energetic Health is so much more than just the absence of disease. Energetic Health is THE essential ingredient for a happy life. Let’s remove the vagueness often associated with the word health and give it a progressive definition that includes energy.

Energetic Health is your ability to take care of your body naturally and at the highest level. Energetic Health gives you the time to grow and ignites your passion. Energetic, Healthy & Happy…these are the main ingredients to your dreams.

Energetic Health is the key (and here is what you need to know because we certainly aren’t conventional…) because here you’ll learn by doing.

Take a look at the graphic above…The Cycle of Influencing Energy explains how you are connected to…well…to you. It explains that how you feel (Emotion) is connected to your physical body (Anatomy). Your physical body to how your body functions (Physiology). How your body functions to how your cells perform (Biochemistry). How your cells perform to the energy that flows through you (Energetics), and back to how you feel again. Literally, everything that makes you you…is connected.

Now this is neither good nor bad…it’s just the way you’re made. Learn how to take Energetic care of yourself and the net result of each day can be more energy than you can use…a surplus that carries over into your next day and beyond.

The Cycle of Influencing Energy teaches how to effectively synergize natural medicines in order to enter the Cycle, thus improving the production of energy and accelerating your healing process.

You’re smart. You know what makes you sick. Convincing yourself that indulgences, like alcohol, can be staples of your lifestyle without ill effect, oh the games we play with ourselves. Does alcohol build your energy? Smoking? Fast Food? Soda? Sitting on your rump? Working too much at a job you don’t like? Or staying in a draining relationship too long? Do any of these indulgences make you feel amazing?

Of course not. They drain your energy, resulting in negative moods and the constant feeling of being tired. They set you up for disease, because literally every disease process has fatigue as a common symptom.

Listen, you are free to waste your money and your time fighting the diseases you create or you can invest in building your energy and create lasting Energetic Health.

Your body is AMAZING! Let me say that again…YOUR BODY IS AMAZING! Help it produce energy and prepare to feel it’s true potential. You want a logical place to start every single medical treatment known to man? Start with the production of energy in each of the 50 to 75 trillion cells of your body.

Energy enables your body to detoxify, repair, and rejuvenate. Energy enables your body to produce all the enzymes needed to perform at its peak. Energy enables your Immune System to kick some serious (blank). Energy enables you to think clearly, to be in control, and to work effectively towards your dreams.

You know how to make yourself sick. It’s okay. Energetic Health is the ‘How To’ make yourself feel amazing each and every day. You’re worth it and our Holistic Nutrition Certification is proven to help you get there.
If you like what you’re reading and are interested in studying Holistic Nutrition here with us…just take a couple of minutes to complete the Scholarship Application below to get the ball rolling!

"An article published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that vitamin D deficiency was found in 82.2 % of COVID cases and that blood levels of vitamin D were lower in hospitalized patients compared to those that did not need hospitalization."

Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian

"Being a clinical dietitian, I could feel that conventional treatments were failing my patients. Deep down I always knew about the healing power of positive energy, natural diet, and supplementation. Now that I’ve learned so much about holistic nutrition and felt Energetic Heath first hand, I can wholeheartedly respond to my calling."

L-arginine is an amino acid which helps build protein in the body and it has been studied for its effects enhancing cardiovascular health, its antioxidant properties, and immune boosting benefits.

One of the main arguments for L-arginine’s therapeutic effects focused on its ability to convert to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring compound which plays a role in the health of blood vessels improving blood flow. Nitric oxide improves the symptoms of conditions such as asthma and it is used as a medical intervention for acute lung infection.

Nitric oxide is being suggested by researchers as another treatment for COVID based on previously done studies which reported success in helping during the coronavirus virus epidemic of 2003. Researchers also mention the anti-viral effects of nitric oxide could be beneficial in helping treat COVID. (22) (23) (24)

Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Vitamin Nutrient

What's the recommended dosage for these key nutrients?

Check out the nutrient protocol we've put together for you on Fullscript by clicking the discount button below.

Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian
Dr. H Ealy Energetic Health Institute Holistic Nutrition Certification Nutritionist vs Dietitian

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