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Computer Requirements

Supported Computers & Operating Systems (OS)

  • PCs with Windows 7 OS or higher (Windows 10 Recommended)
  • MacBook Pros with OS X 10.8 or higher (OS X 11.11 El Capitan or higher Recommended)
  • Note – Google Chrome Books, Surface Tablets, & iPads are only partially supported at this time and cannot be a primary computer for your coursework.
  • Note – If you are applying for an Alternative Student Loan and are approved at the Top Tier, we can add up to $500 to your loan amount to help you get a new PC. 😊



When Shopping For A New Computer Consider The Following…

Screen Size

  • We recommend 15.6 to 17.3 inches

Processor – Makes Your Computer Fast

  • Save some money and go with an AMD over an Intel. AMDs are typically better and save you about $200 to $400 on the final purchasing price.
  • Anything over 2 GHz is good.

RAM – Makes Your Computer Fast

  • 4 GB is good, 8GB is twice as fast, 16GB would be twice as fast as 8GB.
  • So the more RAM the better, but 4GB is perfectly fine.

Wireless Card – Makes Your Web Browsing & Downloading Fast

  • 11b/g/n will allow you to take advantage of faster internet speeds and is ideal.
  • 11 a/c is outdated card, but still functions. It will create a choke point that can prevent you from taking full advantage of your internet speed if your internet speed is greater than 60 MBPS.

Internet Speed – Makes Your Web Browsing & Downloading Fast

  • 10 MBPS is the minimum. Upgrading to 20 MBPS or higher is totally worth it.
  • – Click Begin Test to find your speed out.

Optional Considerations

  • DVD Player Burners, Numeric Key Pads, Backlighting, Touch Screens

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